Paperback book printing UK

Paperback book printing UK

Paperback book printing UK or Perfect Binding is a widely used soft cover (also called “softback”) book binding method. With this binding method, the pages and cover are glued together at the spine with a strong and flexible adhesive. The cover and inner pages are then trimmed flush to size.

Paperback book printing UK






FAQ Paperback Books

Basis weight of paper – The weight of a material defined by g/m2 (grammes per square metre).

Bleed – Printed matter which runs off the edge of the paper. The bleed is the amount by which the illustration extends beyond the trim size (We require 3mm of bleed).

Bulk – The thickness of a book or sheet of paper.

Collate – To check the sections of a gathered book to ensure that they are all present and are in the correct order.

Cut – The act of cutting flat printed or unprinted paper on a guillotine or three knife trimmer.

Draw on cover – A paperback cover which is attached to the book block by gluing the spine.

Edges – The three cut sides of a book-block.

Extent – The length of a book in terms of the number of pages.

Foredge – The outer edge of a book, opposite the spine.

Foot – The bottom edge of a book.

Frontispiece – An illustration on the page facing the title page of the book.

Head – The top cut edge of a book.

Laminating – The application of a film, either gloss or matt finish, to the surface of the printed book cover to enhance its appearance and to increase durability.

Landscape – The Shape of an illustration or book is referred to as ‘Landscape’ when its width is greater than its height. 

Leaf – A sheet of a book containing two pages, one on each side. Thus, a book containing 32 leaves has 64 pages.

Limp cover – A flexible book cover from 240gsm (Standard) up to 300gsm in weight distinct from a board cover.

Perfect binding – A style of unsewn binding in which the leaves of a book are held together at the binding edge by adhesive.

Portrait – The shape of a book or illustration is referred to as portrait when its height is greater than its width.

Section – A sequence of pages forming part of a book.

Self Cover – A booklet cover of the same paper as the inside leaves, generally the first and last pages on the sheet.

Side gluing – A line of adhesive on the front and back of a book-block to strengthen the hinge opening.

Spine – The bound edge of a book, also known as the ‘back’.

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