Print your own book with Print to Demand. The book printing self publishing professionals. We offer softback and hardback book production facilities. From 25 copies up to 20,000 copies.

Print to Demand (Book Printing) is a well established book manufacturing company. Having built up an enviable reputation, and has a staff with over the 37 years experience. We pride ourselves on our commitment to provide a professional and speedy service at all times. Whilst maintaining the highest quality of work.

Our factory works with both offset litho and digital production machines. Complimented by our state of the art bindery. Above all we cater for a vast array of finishing options.

We are a one stop shop. For all your book printing and self publishing needs.

You only pay for what you order, book printing self publishing.

Our short run service allows our clients to order lower runs for their new titles, stock replenishment, print to demand, blads, advances, pre-launch, and for events.

You are not tied into a contract with our services. We do not charge any hidden extras. Therefore no file storage, or annual fees.

Once you submit print ready PDF files to us, we aim to send a proof copy of your choice within 2-3 working days. From approval of proof we ship as follows; softback books 5-7 working days, hardback 15 working days (these may vary due to seasonal highs).

Print your own book

With our Print to Demand system its never been easier to control your own titles destiny.

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Book Printing self publishing

When you print your book through a true book printing self publishing company, you are working directly with the company producing copies of your title. So we are pleased to assist you with all aspects of your books production from start to finish.

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I have been a professional author for over 20 years and P2D Books Limited has been with me for the whole journey. I began by self-publishing a niche market book, before word-processing was part of our lives, and although I had my book print-ready, Dale and his team looked through it first and provided the simple suggestion “you might like to include page numbers”! For a 300+ page book, that was certainly a godsend! They didn’t need to do that, but it’s all part of the individual service they provide. We are experts at writing and they are experts at printing books; they understand that we don’t quite know what we’re doing when it comes to producing books, and in going that little extra mile to help us, they are preserving their gold-standard reputation and quality of work.

When I secured a publishing contract and had no need for DIY book production, I found I still needed paperback editions that my publisher couldn’t supply. Some of my books sold out and went straight to eBook, but family and friends still sought “real” copies. I needed extra copies for book launches or signings and workshops, and once again P2D Books Limited was there for me. As the skinflint that I am, starving artist and all that, I shopped around every time. And every time went to P2D Books Limited. I was still rusty, and remain so, but each time I turn to them for a short run of paperbacks they hold my hand through the process and produce what I want, even though I’m purchasing 20 copies, not 20,000. The turnaround always amazes me – I hit SEND on my PDF and a proof copy is with me almost by return. The paperbacks are delivered within the week. They don’t guarantee this, but my experience has always been better than the stated guarantee.

My books are available worldwide and include a 2019 international bestseller and Silver Dagger Prize nominee. Quality is important to me. I am happy to send anyone a copy, because I know it will speak for itself and for P2D Books Limited.

Lissa Oliver is an award-winning author, is Chairman of the Irish Writers’ Union and a Director of the Irish Copyright Licensing Agency and Irish Writers’ Centre. She is editor of the magazine “Racing Certainty”.